1. The Bull Run, without the Bulls

    11 Jul 2016

  2. Bro Trip To Destin

    06 Jul 2016
    Me and The guys decided to load up and go to Destin FL for the weekend. Met some new people, made some new friends. All in all in was an overly needed vacation 

  3. The Bulls

    30 Jun 2016
    The running of the bulls in New Orleans. Skating Derby Girls with bats are just as intimidating as an actual bull. No actual bulls involved. 

  4. Fitness is Key

    30 Jun 2016

  5. A Day at Red Bluff with Paige Cacioppo

    21 Jun 2016

  6. It’s not a B&E if you don’t B anything, right?

    14 Jun 2016

  7. Its not a tradition unless Connor rips down the net

    31 May 2016

  8. Memorial Weekend at Dad’s

    29 May 2016

  9. A Day with Anna & Sophie Part 1

    25 May 2016

  10. A Day with Anna & Sophie Part 2

    12 May 2016

  11. I Did a Wedding.

    09 May 2016
    So i did a wedding. The lighting was kind of harsh because it was 3 pm in the after noon, but I’m happy with these.

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