1. Jessie Carter @Chatelaine’s

    16 Nov 2016

  2. Margaritaville Date Party

    16 Nov 2016

  3. Senior Portraits: Kaitlyn Harwell

    16 Nov 2016

  4. Eve Marie’s

    16 Nov 2016

  5. Milk Bath

    16 Nov 2016

  6. Senior Casuals with Taylor

    06 Nov 2016

  7. A Couple and Their Dog

    06 Nov 2016

  8. Fall Photos with MaryClaire and Julian Rodrigue

    23 Oct 2016

  9. Senior Casuals

    17 Oct 2016

  10. A Burnt Down Highschool with Taylor

    08 Oct 2016
    I’m still blown away by this photoshoot. She’s such a beauty, and was such a pleasure to shoot.

  11. Jacqueline Reynolds

    26 Sep 2016
    One of the Beauties of Hattiesburg, MS. I just realized i never blogged this shoot. 

  12. BonnaMu or BonnaZoo?

    25 Sep 2016
    So many dogs. I couldn’t stay long but i got some nice candids. Good Job on Bonnamu ladies.

  13. First Home Game! I don’t remember it, but i heard we won

    11 Sep 2016

  14. Exploring Downtown Hattiesburg

    11 Sep 2016
    Finding abandoned buildings and exploring them is one of the main reasons i got a camera. It’s always a thrill.

  15. Casually a Senior

    06 Sep 2016
    These were my first senior portraits and i have to admit I’m pretty proud of how they turned out. If you need senior photos done please feel free to message me so we can set something up.

  16. Kappa Delta Bid Day

    01 Sep 2016
    Thanks for letting me shoot the big day ladies. I had a great time. Congratulations on all of the additions to the family!

  17. Red Dress {Didn’t} Run

    23 Aug 2016

  18. The Firebreathing, Hula Hooping, Mermaid, IMAN Pt. 2

    17 Aug 2016

  19. The Firebreathing, Hula Hooping, Mermaid, IMAN Pt. 1

    16 Aug 2016

  20. I shot Randy’s House show

    10 Aug 2016

  21. We keep Benny’s Boomin

    08 Aug 2016

  22. Dr. Saux’s Birthday Pirate Birthday Bash Pt.2

    07 Aug 2016

  23. Dr. Saux’s Birthday Pirate Birthday Bash Pt.1

    07 Aug 2016
    Dr. Saux. Medical Oncologist. Pirate. Free Spirt. Life Saver.   One of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. Happy birthday man. I will try to never miss your parties again

  24. Found a Walking Path by my house

    25 Jul 2016
    Another shoot with Joni Lucas. Love it. The weather was not very great but the photos were

  25. New Orleans with Camille Lamb and Morgan Feeney

    15 Jul 2016
    Cant wait to shoot these ladies again. No place better than New Orleans with friends

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